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The Advantages of Working in the Skilled Trade Industry

Trade School is Cheaper and Shorter

The education required for skilled trades often times only takes 1-2 years and costs less than a third of a 4 year university degree! Many companies will even help pay for your education or will offer on the job apprenticeships to get you the knowledge you need! While some are still in college, the tradesman can be already graduated and earning money

Trade Jobs Are Well Paying

A study of the trades from just the state of Michigan found that while the ceiling may be higher for white collar, but the median was actually higher for blue collar. The range for the skilled trades (per hour) was $13-$34, for a median of $21/hour. For all other occupations, the range was $8-$39, for a median of $16/hour.

Trade Jobs Can't Be Outsourced

The trades industry has the highest job security on the market. Unlike many jobs, the trades, simply can't be outsourced. While the world may not always need bloggers, it will always need electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics etc. When you get locked out of your house, you won't call a customer service line and deal with robots to solve the issue, you'll call a locksmith.

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